The Mysteries
of 10 Great

10 beautiful pearls of the history
To gain Cleopatra’s confidence?
To learn the secrets of Aphrodite’s youth?
Easy! Ten step-by-step tutorials and practices will make you the eleventh pearl, if not the diamond!
Congratulations, My Dear!
You’re on the verge of magic now.
And you need this magic if...
  • You feel that you get sucked into your work, life and problems
  • You feel a special power
  • You have always been interested in outstanding
    personalities and their secrets to success
  • You want to learn the energy practices of rejuvenation
  • You want to reveal femininity and beauty and achieve happiness
  • You want to make this world more beautiful and cleaner
Do you want to come under the shelter of all 10 Great Women?
Only by doing all 10 practices, you can:
  • Become more confident
  • Be more relaxed and sensual
  • Feel wanted
  • Help all living beings on the Earth
  • Build a strong family without conflict and in harmony
  • Discover superpowers
  • Make this world a better place
  • It’s easy to get what you want
For success in business and personal life
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To strengthen the inner core of confidence
  • To boost self-esteem
  • To get in good with the right people
  • To attain the state of a queen
For getting rid of fatigue, stress and depression
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To live without conflicts and quarrels
  • To make your family live in peace, love and understanding
  • To find harmony in the family
  • To discover a creative nature
For harmony with yourself and positive thinking
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To cure diseases
  • To clear the female lineage’s karma
  • To know the meaning of life
  • To become a happy, full-fledged woman
Diana de Poitiers:
For a happy personal life
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To return passion to the relationship
  • To reveal your sensuality
  • To improve women’s health
  • To find a loving and caring partner
For rejuvenation and good health
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To preserve your youth and beauty
  • To learn the secrets of attraction and charm
  • To build a strong relationship
  • To raise healthy children
For courage and self-sufficiency
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • Attain the state of wholeness and power
  • To protect yourself and your lineage from negativity
  • To improve your self-esteem
  • Not to depend on previous partners
Thais of Athens:
For establishing relationships with a family, children, friends
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To make people around you feel comfortable with you
  • To care and attention from your partner
  • To draw all the blessings of the Earth
  • To learn to inspire loved ones
For bringing love into your life
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To find your soul mate
  • To become the most desirable partner
  • To maintain mutual understanding with the family for many years
  • To increase a personal power
The Toltec witch:
For attracting of any desire
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To achieve success in any business
  • To discover your superpower
  • To draw all the blessings for yourself and your loved ones
  • To fulfill a cherished wish
To liberate yourself and develop communication skills
This lesson is for you if you want:
  • To maintain self-control in any situation
  • To master public speaking skills
  • To learn to make others interested and to carry others along
  • To make new acquaintances easily
The course is conducted by the Priestess of the Moon
  • She’s a philanthropist. She’s regularly engaged in charity, helping poor families
  • Enya’s wisdom and knowledge are a source of inspiration for more than a million women.
  • She has been researching the hidden abilities of women for 20 years and has written more than 10 bestselling books on the subject.
  • Spiritual mentor, mystic, and staunch supporter of the power of Magic, the Moon, intuition, and spirituality.
  • Special guest on TV programs in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Latin America.
  • For 20 years, she has been personally studying with masters in India, Mexico, and Tibet.
  • Enya was initiated in Egypt in the temple of Isis and is a priestess of the Moon.
  • She lived in an ashram in India for 3 years and an eco-village in Mexico, collecting the experience of the world’s most famous mentors and sages.
  • International Tantra coach.
  • Ecologist, environmentalist, and guardian of ancient shamanic traditions.
Over 100,000 women from 37 countries have already completed Enya’s
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