Greetings, my dear soul!

Recently you took the quiz and learned more about yourself. This is very valuable, understanding yourself is the basis of self-love, acceptance and manifestation of yourself in the world.
You did great and I praise and thank you for your willingness to go towards discovering your nature!
So yesterday you received a gift from me - a guide with descriptions of each of the 10 archetypes of Great Women. And that's just the beginning.
I love giving gifts and today, to get to know me better, you get to go further along the path of your own discovery. I want to give you one magical meditation where together with me you will dive into finding your feminine essence. One more step closer to your manifestation.
I'm sure that in each archetype you've read about from my guide, you've found something of your own, interesting and alluring. And now it's time to manifest these valuable treasures in yourself - these deeply hidden "pearls" and show them to the world!
Today, when you already know and feel that you have unrevealed power, I invite you to the "Transformation into a Goddess" meditation, where I will lead you by the hand into the world of your inner beauty!
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Believe me, getting to know yourself is the most precious thing that can happen in life. The world needs your manifestation!
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I am here to be your guide to new knowledge and a source of inspiration for you!

Wishing you all the brightest.
Love, Enya.