I welcome you, Dear Soul!

It has been nice of you to decide to go in- depth and take the next step on the way to fulfilling your potential! I congratulate you and I am proud of you!
Your application for the online package has been accepted, we have received your payment. I am sending you the links to all materials that are already available to you:
Here you will find a meditative practice that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your chosen world of Hurrem Sultan, so that you appropriate all the gifts that it carries. Do this practice daily, right after the practice from the lesson, or distribute two meditations throughout the day: one - in the morning, the other- in the evening. You will feel how your condition will change, and the series of events in your life will begin to line up quite differently!
From a slave to a queen
There is also a mandala inside the package. When you feel an internal response, just open this video. Concentrate on the mandala, its image and sound. I recommend listening to the sound in the headphones, so the effect will be stronger.
Hurrem Sultan’s Mandala
But that is not all! Especially for you, I have prepared the prayer of Hurrem Sultan. Follow my voice, I will make you immerse in a magical world where everything is possible, all wishes get fulfilled, and all events happen for your own good. And Hurrem Sultan will help you! The prayer is available to you both - in video format and as a PDF file, if you prefer to read the text at any time convenient for you:

Just as I promised, I am giving you a few more gifts:

I have prepared Hurrem Sultan’s music for you. Turn it on when you are at home and do everyday things, let this music just accompany you and give you the mood that Hurrem Sultan carries.
Hurrem Sultan’s Music
And do not forget to install Hurrem Sultan's screensaver on your phone, to fix the state so that you can feel as Great as she is, every time you take your phone in hand!
Hurrem Sultan’s Screensaver